How You Can Save Time And Make More Money With Automation

How You Can Save Time And Make More Money With Automation

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Ready for the shortest and most effective blog post you’ve read all day?

I make hundreds of dollars per month using two simple tools — a chrome extension called Everliker, and a programming language called AutoHotKey.

What follows is how I do it, and how you can too.

EverLiker is a social assistant for Instagram that costs approximately $5/month. I use it to help build my personal brand (which is where I make my money) by setting it to automatically like people’s pictures.

In short, every time a picture is liked, the likee gets a small notification that links back to the liker’s profile. These notifications are gold, and can be leveraged to insert yourself (or your business) directly into people’s field of view and ultimately generate cash. Which is exactly what I do.

In my case, I like approximately 1400 photos per day. Of these 1400, perhaps 100 check out my profile — a clickthrough rate of over 7%.

Five or ten of these 7% then click through to my bio link, which sends them off-platform to an online course funnel where I sell them information products on marketing, sales & productivity. This is how I average perhaps one sale from Instagram per day.

It’s not much — especially considering my course prices are only around $15 per — but it stacks up quickly. Over the course of the week, that might be 5–10 sales.

If I were to do this by hand? Not counting for the time it takes to search, find profiles, and target users, each like takes approximately 0.8 seconds (yes, I timed it!)

Multiply 1400 likes by 0.8 likes per second and you get 1120 seconds — or 19 minutes in total, per day. Over the course of the week, that’s 2.2 hours. Per month? 9 hours.

That means I save more than one full workday a month (while generating a substantial amount of income) for just $5.

Not bad.

AutoHotKey is a very simple scripting language that lets you automate keystrokes on Windows. I use it to engage with users (comments, likes, enrollments) on my online course sites, and generate notifications similar to Instagram above.

I won’t go into the details, but making a script is super easy. Mine are usually under ten lines:

On my course websites, Send, {Tab} selects the next user’s profile, and Send, {Enter} engages with them through a like or follow. I also generate random intervals with Random, rand1, 40, 120 to anthropomorphize the data — this generates a random number between 40 and 120 milliseconds, which I place between each keystroke.

All in all, I interact with approximately 1,000 end users per day using AutoHotKey. It takes me under a minute (half an hour per month) to do so, and the users that I engage with make me anywhere from $300 to $450 every 30 days.

The strategy is highly scalable, too — the more courses I make, the higher my followback rate. Currently it’s ~1% (up from 0.5%) but I anticipate I’ll reach 2% in the next few months. Best of all, AutoHotKey is totally free.

In summary, time is the most valuable thing we have. Don’t waste it doing something monotonous.

I’ve always believed in reserving my best hours for my best work. I want you to think that way, too.

As entrepreneurs free from excessive bureaucratic overhead, efficiency is one of our greatest strengths. Once you learn to leverage that efficiency, the sky is the limit. Get started with automation today!