Insurance Company Google Ads - The 301 Best Negative Keywords For Your Insurance Company Google Ads

Insurance Company Google Ads - The 301 Best Negative Keywords For Your Insurance Company Google Ads

Most articles on insurance company marketing start off the same: weak, general tips that sound more like an ‘intro to marketing 101’ class than a guide on how to grow your insurance agency.

Not this one. I don’t want you just to get inspired from this post.

I want you to outright steal everything I’m about to tell you for your own insurance company.

I work with insurance agencies every day as part of my Vancouver PPC company, and one thing I can tell you for certain is they waste a lot of money on misattributed clicks. So I decided to compile a quick list of custom negative keywords to give my clients — and you too, of course.

After you copy and paste this list into your own Google Ads campaign, you’ll have a solid base upon which to build your own portfolio of custom negative keywords.

The reason this list works is because it gets rid of the majority of what I consider “low purchase intent” (LPI) searches — searches for terms that are conceptually related to your root keyword, but have little or no drive to actually buy your insurance product or service.

These LPI searches can be confusing — many of them may actually increase CTR because of their informational nature (people are more likely to click the first ad they see if they’re just hunting for data), but they’ll almost always decrease the one thing you really care about: your conversion rate. My advice? Get rid of them as soon as possible to decrease ad spend. Clicks don’t make you money. Conversions do.

Enough talking — it’s time to flex those copy and paste muscles! Here are 301 negative keywords for your insurance company’s Google Ads campaign.

“act of”
“case studies”
“case study”
“casual encounters”
“close out”
“close outs”
“county court”
“curriculum vitae”
“do it yourself”
“full time”
“hand made”
“how can I”
“how can”
“how do I”
“how does”
“how to”
“job opening”
“job openings”
“learn about”
“looking for work”
“low cost”
“meaning of”
“music video”
“new hires”
“odd lots”
“open source”
“part time”
“public domain”
“real estate”
“short cut”
“short cuts”
“soft ware”
“success stories”
“success story”
“what are”
“what i”
“what is”
“when can”
“when i”
“where can”
“white paper”
“white papers”
“windows 10”
“windows 2000”
“windows 7”
“windows 8.1”
“windows 8”
“windows xp”