Monthly Blog Growth - March 2021

Nick Saraev English

As part of my unceasing desire to track everything, I've decided to begin a monthly check-in where I discuss my progress in blog readership and statistics. This is mainly to help those of you that were potentially thinking about beginning a blog yourselves, or people that are simply curious about what the back-end process looks like.

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Since this is the first post of its kind, I'll review the last three months' progress (as opposed to just one).

Over the last 90 days, has received 18,400 impressions from Google search. This means that 18,400 people have seen an article from '' when searching a query on Google. In that period, we've seen a growth in impressions of about 3.7x: from ~5,000 impressions per 90 days (October-December) to 18,400 per 90 days (December-March).

Of these, the vast majority of impressions (~30%) are for 'how to get your voice back in minutes', an article that I specifically wrote after seeing the keyword traffic spike for that term close to one year ago.

Other keywords of interest include 'neurotechnology companies', 'how to negotiate on craigslist', and 'best anki decks', all posts that I specifically updated after seeing each gain traction. It's nice to see my maintenance efforts are working.


In terms of actual page visits, the last 90 days have seen approximately 3,000 users. I don't have the exact numbers, due to me migrating my analytics from Google to CloudFlare several months ago, but this is a conservative average that linearly interpolates between days of no tracking from December 16th to March 16th.

3,000 users isn't bad, but it certainly does make me wish I had moved off of Medium earlier. Before, I was routinely getting over 20,000 reads over 90 days. Naturally, this is a metric I want to improve considerably in the coming years.


We've published 6 articles over the last 90 days (including this one). That's approximately one article every two weeks. Of these, two were what I would consider 'cornerstone' content - the most authoritative, well-researched posts in their niche. The other four were articles that I wrote more for the betterment of my own education, aiding in my memory and comprehension of the subjects.

A two-week post schedule seems ideal to me. It gives me sufficient time to produce a high quality product, while also not consuming my life in the process. That's 26 per year, and if we suppose that 15% of those articles gain significant traction over the next 5 years, I can expect my efforts to result in ~4 viral articles per annum. Cool stuff.

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